Special Thanks

As Cameron’s parents we met quite possibly into the hundreds of medical staff, all of whom are very much appreciated.

12167094_10153676135757603_1548197838_nWe feel that some deserve a special mention for their actions in saving Cameron’s life and for being so dedicated to the amazing job that they do each and every day.

Jessica (Paediatric A & E Sister At Stoke Mandeville Hospital)

Southampton & Oxford Retrieval Team – Vannesa Stanley & Karina

PICU Consultants –

  • Dr Michael Griksaitis
  • Dr Andrew Baldock
  • Dr Phil Hyde
  • Dr Michael Marsh
  • Dr John Pappachan
  • Dr Ananth Ramakrishnan
  • Dr Vanessa Stanley
  • Dr Kim Sykes
  • Dr Peter Wilson

PICU  Cardiologist – Trevor Richens

PICU Nurses – Gemma Digwa, Amy Saul, Rosie Evans, Marissa Harvey



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