November 2015 Update

12309080_10153754992557603_239625635_nIt has now been just over 2 months since Cameron was discharged from John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. He was discharged home on the 26th September, at the tender age of 10 weeks and 3 days.

In those 2 months cameron has been full of smiles & drinking his milk like its going out of fashion!

On October 15th Cameron had to go back to John Radcliffe Hospital for a check up with his Cardiologist. After giving cameron a thorough echo (Heart Ultrasound) he was very pleased with Camerons heart function, which had again improved.

He also gave us the amazing news that he feels Cameron’s heart will make a full recovery by his 1st birthday!

On the way to his appointment we took Cameron to see Jessica, the nurse at Stoke Mandeville who made the decision to call for the Southampton Retrieval Team – ultimately saving Camerons life.

12309150_10153754992577603_1215050943_n (1)

It made her day to be able to have cuddles with our miracle boy.

This weekend we took Cameron back to Ronald Mcdonald House, where we stayed during his time at Southampton Hospital.12305762_10153754992512603_1359325825_n

The staff were so pleased to meet him as did not meet him when we were staying at the Ronald Mcdonald House. Cameron received a early Christmas present from the house, a Disney Store Tiger that is almost as big as him! (Kindly donated by the Disney Store)

We also took him back to see the amazing consultants & nurses that worked tirelessly to save him in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit).

Michael Griksaitis – Who diagnosed Cameron’s rare and life threatening condition over the telephone & then made minute by minute decisions while tirelessly talking the team at Stoke Mandeville through the exact actions they needed to take to keep Cameron alive until the retrieval team arrived.


Some of the nurses who cared for Cameron when he was critically ill were so pleased to see him looking so well, Cameron got his best smiles out for them!

He had cuddles with Gemma & Nikki (picture with Nikki)


While we were there we took the opportunity to make some donation’s to Friends Of PICU – the charity who funds a large portion of the PICU unit and the retrieval service that played such a key role in saving Cameron’s life.


We donated:

£750 – £500 of which was from Cameron’s Grandparents and £250 from Cameron’s Parent’s business.

£278.05 – raised from a fundraising day at Biffa Waste Management, High Wycombe. organised by Sian Castle

Little Cameron’s website has made £240 so far for this amazing charity – if you would like us to help this amazing charity then please make a donation here.