Cameron’s Mission

IMG_2359Our little Cameron defied all of the odds, which were firmly stacked against him to make an almost full recovery from Entrovirus Myocardits in just 8 weeks.

The Paediatric Intensive Care Team at Southampton General Hospital literally saved his life, not once but twice as he suffered two cardiovascular collapses, in less than 30 days – caused by his Myocarditis.

It is our mission as Cameron parents to fundraise for the charity that literally saved Camerons life they are “Friends Of PICU”.

The other charity we are supporting is Ronald Mcdonald House, whose 53 bedroom property allowed us to stay on the hospital grounds for the duration of Camerons treatment, at no cost.

As Cameron’s parents we would like to raise valuable funds for the amazing charities that helped our little boy and ourselves through the darkest moments of our lives.

Cameron’s Chain Of Events:

15 July – Cameron Was Born At Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury & Is Believed To Have Contracted Enterovirus At Birth
27th July – Cameron Released Home From Hospital With Everything Seemingly Ok
28th July – Cameron Suffered A Cardiovascular Collapse Aged Just 13 Days & Was Transported In A Critical Condition By The Oxford & Southampton Retrieval Team To Southampton Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
29th July – Cameron Was Admitted To PICU Where He Was Placed On Life Support
17th August – Cameron Came Of His Life Support And Was Reduced To An Optiflow Machine To Aid His Breathing
24th August – Cameron Was Moved Out Of PICU & To The Childrens Heart Ward At Southampton General Hospital.
26th August – Cameron Suffered A Second Cardiovascular Collapse & Was Rushed Back To PICU Where They Battled To Save Him Again, Placing Him Back On Life Support.
2nd Sept – Cameron Came Of His Life Support Again And Was Reduced To An Optiflow Machine To Aid His Breathing
8th September – Cameron Was Moved Back To The Childrens Heart Ward.
11th September – Cameron Was Taken Off His Optiflow And Was Breathing Completely Unaided For Himself
18th Sept – Cameron was Moved To The Childrens Hospital At John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford
24th Sept – Camerons Heart Function Scores 27 out of 28 (with 28 being perfect heart function)

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